“How can I stop thinking what I’m thinking?” “How can I protect myself from the thoughts I don’t want?”

I sometimes get asked these questions. There is no answer to those questions; answering the “how” with methods perpetuates the reasoning and “reality” those questions assume.

Thoughts are outputs of experience in the moment. We think we need to control them, protect ourselves from them, yet we forget they are just made of thought. Anger is an expression of thought in the moment when we see an opposing relationship between what we want and what we think is happening, and that the opposition has an effect on who we are, our “okayness.”

Ever played an instrument whilst angry? Ever tried to draw when angry? Ever tried to have a conversation when angry? What does the world look like when you feel angry? What does life feel like?

And how is it all when you’re not experiencing anger? Now you might say that that’s the very point, that you don’t want to feel angry. But look closer, at the request to see a congruent relationship, a match between what we want and what we see is happening, and that the congruency that would feel like it has an effect on who we are, our “okayness.”

A congruency, a match, no separation, unity. What we want being what we have, so that we can feel okay. Look closer, where is the separation? Do you see the source of it all? Do you see there is no separation? Look closer. Where does one thought end and another begin? What is the unit of measurement of a thought? Look closer, where does it all come from?

When you see there is so separation, you will sense the peace and unity, you will sense there is no thought to control or protect ourselves from, you will know it. Can you feel the calmness that’s always with you? That’s your essence, who you really are. There is no thought you need to have to think that into being, you already are what you’re searching for. Welcome home to peace.