I always thought in circles. When trying to make a decision, I’d just repeat the same thoughts over and over again and become more indecisive. So, my typical strategy for resolving confusion was to find more information, google it, or ask someone else. However, I always find the answer inside me!!.......It is hard as I'm just not letting myself go there.

The mind doesn’t like repetition, he says. So, if your brain seems to be chasing the same thoughts, it’s really chasing something else underneath them. Whatever thoughts you keep repeating to yourself have something behind them that you’re not aware of — often a feeling you’re pushing away because it’s too uncomfortable.

There are two ways to access these thoughts: closely examining the thoughts you’re getting stuck on to see what sub-thoughts lay within them and examining what emotions are associated with these thoughts....Cold, unemotional thinking is the enemy of decision-making!!